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We have the right tools to build an unforgettable experience for everyone; guest, event managers and vendors. Detailed to the last to ensure the experience is worth your while 

Cashless payments and vendor ecosystems

Use NFC technology and offer a high octane experience within your events. It is fast, secure and transparent.

The NFC chip (integrated in the classic wristband) is a game changer. Visitors can top-up money, check their balance and pay – all without queueing, with just a simple tap of the hand.

The chip stores all the entry credentials and allows visitors to access their designated areas. If you add perks and benefits to certain ticket categories (yes, Tixxbay lets you do that) your attendees can claim them with just one tap.

This technology offers access to real time data so you will know at any given moment how many attendees arrived, which areas they prefer and how much they are spending.

People attend our events because you offer them blissful experiences. Go a step further and save them the trouble of carrying separate tickets, cash or tokens.

What can tixxbay do for you

Register your events and scan tickets

Set up your account and start selling eTickets in minutes. Send electronic tickets to your attendees. Scan tickets at the entrance and get real time reports on attendance.

Responsive registration widget

Our app is fully responsive so everything is automatically resized for a great experience across devices.

Instant payments

Connect your Bank account and start receiving payments instantly. Each time someone buys a ticket, funds are sent to your account.

Sell easily as a registered vendor

Sell your products conveniently when you are registered to an event a vendor. Receive payment via NFC tap and Withdraw your earnings whenever you want.

Free ticket scanning apps

Available on Android and iOS. Scan tickets, see entrance reports as they happen. Connect more devices to improve access to your event. Data is automatically synced.

Invoice generation and mailing

Invoices are generated instantly, without any effort from you. Just start your account, input your business details while registering for an event and tixxbay takes care of the rest.

Event Registeration widgets on your website

Copy and paste our embed code and visitors can go to your website to register for your event. It directs them directly to event page on tixxbay to make payment.

Team work

We know great experiences are a team effort. As an event manager you can create your team (agents and vendors) for your event and work together on hosting an amazing projects.

CRM for event

Keep track of your attendees, their preferences and purchases.

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