Cashless payment for your event

No online connectivity required. Tixxbay virtual cash seamlessly runs offline with our wireless mesh networking technology. We provide a fail-safe system that will function offline when the network connection is lost. With Tixxbay , “there’s no network” is a story of the past. Network disruptions don’t mean sales disruptions.

What is contactless NFC technology and how can it help you improve your events?

NFC Technology (NFC stands for Near Field Communication) is a form of wireless connectivity that allows two devices placed within 1.6 inches (4 cm) to communicate to each other. It is the same technology used for contactless credit/debit cards.

The advantage of using Tixxbay is that the NFC wristband is connected to the attendees’ tickets (or digital wallets – we store data on multiple layers) and allows them to gain easy access to their balance, perks, data, and access credentials. All with just a tap of the hand.

The absolute best part? Tixxbay allows you to import tickets sold through other ticketing platforms, so you can still use our NFC technology and benefit from all of its features.

People attend your events because you offer them blissful experiences. Go a step further and save them the trouble of carrying separate tickets, cash or tokens.

How to use our NFC features: cashless payments, access control, user engagement

All within one wristband and one app

Access control

Using NFC wristbands and Tixxbay’s app you can manage access across your event. You can set up complex access management credentials according the visitors’ ticket options and you can scan visitors using either NFC enabled smartphones or NFC readers. For example you can set up access points at the entrance, at special areas in your event or venue and you can specify who has access and who does not. Maybe the golden ticket holder has access to all areas, whereas the general entry ticket can only visit the main event area and the coffee shop. All these options can be set up easily with Tixxbay.

Cashless Payments

The NFC chip can be paired with the event account of your guests (that contains information about access credentials, data from the registration form and more). Your visitors can then pay for their purchases by simply tapping their NFC tags to a reader. This is the same technology used for contactless credit cards, so the transaction speed is really fast. You save your guest the trouble of carrying cash or tokens (and maybe losing them). Your event or venue can become cashless, easier to manage and safer for visitors.

Personalized interaction

Interactive screens are highly used for brand activations and are truly fun. But can we make it personal? Can we really interact and personalize the message brands send across? Yes. The NFC technology transfers the needed info with just a tap, saving your attendees time and helping them concentrate on the fun. It also allows you to personalize the interaction (based on the info you already have from the user, for example the animated character can be the same gender as the user, or the user’s name can appear on the screen). These makes your experiences even more memorable.

Increase attendee spend

By significantly reducing the transaction time, our system increases the rate at which attendees spend at your event. Your guests encouraged to spend more on-site as they have full control of their cash flow and can easily top-up. We provide multiple top-up options, from cash to card, via your event website or on-site at your event so your guests never run out of money to spend.


We know how much your Event’s success means to you.
We’ve built our NFC products with you in mind.
Here are some of the ways you can benefit from it:

Increased revenues

Reports show that attendees tend to spend 15-30% more when a cashless payment system is used.

Speeds up purchases & reduces queues

Tap & pay system is 63% faster than cash and 53% faster than classic credit card payment

Reduced risk

Tixxbay reduces the risk of fraud or loss (cash handling is reduced to a minimum)

Data and insights

With Tixxbay you get access to valuable insights and data. Understand your visitor journey, purchase patterns and preferences.

Manage vendor ecosystems

With Tixxbay you can set up your very own vendor ecosystems using closed loop payments. Improve your revenue and easily onboard on-site merchants.

Experiential marketing

Create wonderful audience engagement campaigns for your festival, your visitors and your sponsors.

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