Fast and Simple data driven solution

It takes one tenth of a second to validate a wristband using our Access Control system, that’s a fraction of the time it’ll take to manually process an attendee by checking a guest list or scanning a bar code ticket. With our Access Control system, you can keep the queues moving fast for happier guests.

Manage ticketing, registration and access control

Manage ticketing and access control with a single tool. Connect multiple vendors and points of sale. Use vouchers to manage discounts and create invite-only tickets.

Audience engagement and experiential marketing

Create long lasting experiences with Tixxbay. Engage with your visitors and offer sponsors the tools to interact with the audience.

Handle cashless payments and vendor ecosystems

Manage your vendor ecosystem with our revolutionary closed loop payment technology. Allow visitors to pay using contactless tokens (NFC chips) or pay with their face.

Tixxbay is free for any event created

Receive payments instantly directly into your bank account

There’s no waiting for your funds with Tixxbay Receive payments directly into your account using our preferred payment gateways.
Receive your payments in your currency of choice, whether it is naira, dollars and other international payment options.

Data and insights

With tixxbay you get access to valuable insights and data. Understand your visitor journey, purchase patterns and preferences.

Manage vendor ecosystems

With tixxbay you can set up your very own vendor ecosystems using closed loop payments. Improve your revenue and organise your data.

Experiential marketing

Create wonderful audience engagement campaigns for your event, your visitors and your sponsors.

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